Kelly Clarkson Admits Going On With The BBMAs Was “Kinda Stupid”

She had her appendix removed only hours after hosting the “Billboard” Music Awards.hosted the Billboard Music Awards while dealing with appendicitis

May 9, 2019

Getty Images By: Kevin Winter


Kelly Clarkson hosted the Billboard Music Awards while dealing with appendicitis, and while she was able to push through she admits her decision to go on with the show was “kinda stupid.” 

"I probably shouldn't have (gone on with the show), but I did ask my doctor and we had things  going on in case it ruptured or whatever...," she tells “Entertainment Tonight.” "It wasn't just like, 'I can do it!' Like, I wasn't an idiot about it. But I probably wouldn't do it again."

So how did she do it? Kelly credits her adrenaline. "I think what people don't realize too is they changed a few things during the show... and I wasn't feeling well. And then also adrenaline kicks in," she said. "... I felt uncomfortable during the show, but it didn't really hit hard until the end of the show and my adrenaline just, like, left the building.”