LeBron James Surprises I Promise School Students With Students With 1 Million Dollar Check

May 10, 2019

Getty Images By: Maddie Meyer


LeBron James made a surprise visit to his I Promise School yesterday and brought with him quite a hefty present. A chek for $1 million to build a new gym at the school for the 240 3rd and 4th graders that attend there. It was funded by a grant from the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation.

"It’s an unbelievable day for all of us at the IPS school," James said. "Everyone here that has anything to do with the Dick’s Foundation we just want to say ‘thank you.’ We didn’t set out to have donations like this. We didn’t set out for recognition. We just set out to do something great for our kids."

LeBron has always been vocal that while he was growing up, the gym was a safe and important place for him to not only play basketball, but to go and have fun with his friends.

“I don’t want you guys to think that the gym that we’re putting up is just correlated behind sports. It’s also another safe place for our kids. Another place where our faculty members and our teachers and everyone associated the place can still have hands on with our kids," he said.

"The word sport and sports in general can help you get to so many different places in life just because of the comradery and brotherhood and sisterhood that you encounter throughout playing sports," he said.

According to the LeBron James Family Foundation, all students at the I Promise School started the school year in the bottom 25th percentile and were performing below grade level. In less than a year, 90 percent are meeting or exceeding individual goals in reading and math and are outpacing peers cross the district.