A Model Was Bit By A Shark During An Ocean Photoshoot

Proceed with caution if the sound of this makes you squeamish

July 12, 2018

Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie was bit by a shark during a photoshoot in the Bahamas. 

Nurse Sharks are supposed to be less agressive than most, but definitely can still attack someone.

Swimming with them is pretty common in the Bahamas. She saw other people doing it, and wanted to try it for herself, she told Buzzfeed.

She laid back to float on the water, and soon, one of the sharks bit down on her arm.

Zarutskie acted in the best way she could by pulling her arm out of the water so other sharks weren't attracted to her.

Her Instagram is now locked for privacy over the ordeal. She's on the mend and will hopefully be more careful around wild animals in the future!