More Than 250 Have Died From Taking Selfies Since 2011

Maybe... put the cell phone down?

October 4, 2018

Dreamstime © Trendsetter Images

For the gram, right? Well, maybe not.

A recent study shows that more than 250 people have DIED while trying to take a selfie. They found that the most selfie deaths have occurred in India, followed by Russia, the US and Pakistan.

Most of the victims were men (about 72%) and under the age of 30.

According to Fox 8, "India accounted for more than half the total — 159 reported selfie deaths since 2011. Researchers attributed the high number to the country’s enormous population of people under 30, which is the world’s largest." And although women take more selfies, men were found to take more dangerous pictures - like sitting on the edge of cliffs.

The leading cause of selfie deaths are drownings and fallings. Drowning is the number one cause, where people are usually washed away by waves on beaches or falling out of boats.

So next time you NEED that pic for the gram, think logically.

The gram won't be any good if you're not alive to post it.