Myles Garrett Says 'We're Here:' And Is Ready For The Season


September 6, 2019

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The start of Browns season is upon us! With the first game coming up on Sunday, defensive end Myles Garrett has a message for everyone, "We're here."

Garrett wrote a piece in The Players Tribune about the narrative that has surrounded the Cleveland Browns for so long.

"I think in other years, maybe, that history has made people feel like there could never be a winner here. In other years, I feel like people would just be saying, you know, The Browns? Nah, they’re not going to win — because they never win. They’re not SUPPOSED to win. 

The Browns aren’t supposed to be here.

And it just feels like starting last year, and into this summer, and now as we’re getting ready for Week 1 of this new season….. all of a sudden it’s like we took that saying and we flipped it. We’ve gone and taken what a Cleveland Browns team is “supposed” to do, in people’s minds, and we’ve changed that from this curse into this gift. Into an opportunity."

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Garrett ended the article with a lasting impression.

"Because we’re the Cleveland Browns — and we’re not supposed to be here. 

But guess what?

We’re here."