Prince George Causes Laughs in the Latest Royal Family Portrait

Meghan Markle couldn't control her giggles

November 19, 2018
Prince Harry and Prince William

The latest pictures from the Royal family are full of class, poise, and.... laughs! 

The family was gathered to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, which was on November 14th.

The photos were taken in the garden at Clarence House by Chris Jackson. 


Prince Charles was joined on a wooden bench by his wife Camilla Dutchess of Cornwall. They each held one of their grandchildren on the bench with them, Prince George and Princess Charolette. Behind them, Kate Middleton is holding Prince Louis posed next to Prince William. Newlyweds Prince Harry and Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex are all smiles behind the wooden bench as well. 

Between shots, Prince George gets the family laughing and we are blessed with an adorable royal family moment. 


Happy Birthday to Prince Charles!