Tristan Thompson Punched Draymond Green After ESPYS


August 1, 2018

USA Today Images © Kyle Terada

It seems as though Tristan Thompson has heard the cries of Clevelanders and did what all of us, at some point, have wanted to do; punch the Golden State Warriors', Draymond Green, right in the face.

The two have always had bad blood between each other. If you can't remember, Tristan got ejected from the NBA Finals game 1 and threw the basketball in Draymond's face. Video below.

Then, after the game, Draymond said that he wouldn't reconcile with Tristan, and that he "can meet [Thompson] in the streets any day."

In this case, "the streets" was a fancy club in LA after the ESPYS, but who cares about logistics! According to sports writer, Jason McIntyre via Twitter, "Draymond went up to apologize to Tristan for what happened after G4 of the finals. TT said ‘nah man’ and Draymond tried again, ‘come on, I didn’t mean it’ and then WHAP, Tristan leveled him with a punch. Draymond didn’t go down."

The rumor is that Kevin Durant and LeBron James had to pull the two apart. And for the first time in six months, people like Tristan Thompson again.