An Update On Demi Lovato, Including The Ex That Is By Her Side

Here's everything we know about Demi's situation.

July 26, 2018

USA Today Images

Our hearts are still heavy with the news of Demi Lovato relapsing in her sobriety. The singer has been an active advocate of mental health, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder, even releasing a YouTube documentary about her struggles last year. Although it is a shock to most of the world, close friends of the pop star have seen the warning signs.

Sources say her friends are to thank for saving her life, and that they started carrying Narcan with them in case Demi went too far. Narcan is an emergency medication meant to reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose. According to PEOPLE magazine, “Narcan is like an EpiPen to someone in anaphylactic shock — it gives you this crazy burst of energy." 

Details on the night of the overdose are also starting to surface. Sources say that Demi and a group of friends were out celebrating her choreographer's birthday in LA. The group was drinking together, and the following morning is when Demi had to be rushed to the hospital.

Family has rushed to be by Demi's side, and her first love, Wilmer Valderrama was spotted visiting her in the hospital yesterday.

Hoping for a speedy recovery.