Woman Found Hiding In The Ceiling of The Grayton Road Tavern

The home of the Queen of Hearts game!

May 30, 2018



A woman was found in the ceiling panels of the Grayton Road Tavern on Monday night.  

Surveillence footage shows her going into the bathroom, and later, a ceiling tile falling in the hallway. She was found above the KITCHEN! 

Monday was a record-breaking 93-degrees outside, and the woman was reportedly up there for a few hours. 

Reports also say the woman has a habit of hiding in bars and restaurants to steal things after hours. 

If you didn't know, Grayton Road Tavern is home of the ever-popular Queen of Hearts game. The most recent winner walked away with 5.5-million dollars.

No word on whether or not she was going after the jackpot money.

The tavern's general manager said the game money is always stored off-site, and the board wasn't tampered with.

If it had been, or ever is, she said the game would stop and a new game board would be found.