Fight Breaks Out On The Goodtime III

August 9, 2018

If you are a true Clevelander, you've taken a cruise on the Goodtime a time or two. As it turns out, I, myself was just on the boat a few weekends ago!  I can tell you first hand, when you have a mixed crowd and alcohol, something maybe a brewing!  For our ride, we had a class reunion aboard and had nothing but laughs and interesting sea conversations, however, it doesn't always play out like that.  The fight in question broke out when one of the passengers spotted a man whom had attacked him years earlier and confronted him.  A few off duty police officers were working security and broke the fight up.  Worth noting the fight happened on a Friday night at 11:45am, so most likely alcohol was involved.  I, myself witnessed a fight on the Goodtime standing in line for the bathroom, however it was a verbal altercation and was easily broken up by security and a peace offering of a bud light. I'll keep riding the Goodtime, because like it's name, it really is a Goodtime!