Ohio Wedding Receptions And Banquet Halls OK To Open In June

May 21, 2020

Ohio catering and banquet halls are permitted to reopen in June.  This comes from the latest Mike DeWine press conference today. 

Per Channel 19 News

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced during Thursday’s briefing with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine that those venues can reopen on June 1.

The event centers will need to follow similar guidelines that were laid out for restaurants, including maintaining six feet between tables, prohibiting congregating, and limiting the crowd size to 300.

While wedding ceremonies were exempt from the initial stay-at-home order, receptions were restricted because of the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people at a time.

In other re-opening news...

On May 26, Bowling alleys, batting cages, mini-golf, and skills training for all high school sports, including contact sports, can resume.