The Oscars Have Named A Host

Surprise, surprise!

January 9, 2019

Getty Images


The host of the 2019 Oscars will one!

That's right, the Oscars have decided to go host less for the 2019 broadcast of the Academy Awards.

According to 

"The Oscar telecast has gone without a single host precisely once, 30 years ago. That broadcast lives in infamy: Producer Allan Carr and director Jeff Margolis mounted an 11-minute musical number to open the show in lieu of a host monologue. The opening gave us Rob Lowe’s version of “Proud Mary,” a duet with Snow White. Lowe is still trying to live it down."

Personally, I'm down with the no-host movement.  The presenters could be funny and perhaps perform entertaining skits with each other before they pass out an award.  At any rate, I think people will still tune in, after all, it's the Oscars!

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