How To Get Your Marriage License In Ohio

January 3, 2019

Congratulations! If you're visiting this page, chances are you're planning a wedding and staying on track by remembering one of the most important factors... the marriage license.

Here is everything you need to know about obtaining the document that will *officially* lead you to your forever.

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  • A marriage license expires within 60 days, so, while there may be a slow turn-around process, it's important to apply early but not *too* early.
  • Ohio resident? Keep in mind that you have to apply for your marriage license in the county in which you live, NOT the county in which you will be getting married.
  • Out-of-towner? Apply in the county where your wedding ceremony will take place.
  • You and your future bride/groom must sign the license along with your Officiant as the witness.
  • Once all signatures are complete, mail the signed copy to the Marriage License Bureau for authorization.
  • Friendly tip - request a few certified copies to have on-hand.
  • Both parties need to be present on the day of application. Pssht, you already know this. You can't scroll Instagram without seeing happy couples with their selfies outside of the courthouse.
  • Remember ALL of the needed documents...
    • Proof of ID/age: driver's license, OH state-issued ID or your passport
    • Social security card
    • Proof of address: driver's license, state ID, additional proof of residency
    • Original or copy of birth certificate if under 21
    • If either party has been married in the past, they must bring the appropriate certificate or decree
    • Form of payment depending on what county you're applying in

Click here for more FAQs as well as a list of where you and your future spouse should apply.

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