Dear Matt: My Boyfriend and I Broke Up Over What’s Better: Chicken Flats or Wings

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September 17, 2020
Dear Matt

Dear Matt,

My boyfriend and I were at a local restaurant chain that serves excellent wings (I’m sure you know which local place I’m talking about!). He said that chicken wings are better, and I countered back about chicken flats. Long story made short, this fight about chicken wings vs. flats got out of control and we ended breaking up. 

There are plenty of other reasons the relationship has been this way. I don’t trust him, he thinks he’s better than me, and I feel like we want two very different relationships. He wants me to be the homemaker type, but that’s just not who I am. I guess what makes it weird for me is that I didn’t expect a chicken fight to be what brought us down. Thoughts?

-Flats Are Better Fran


Dear Flats Are Better Fran,

This is a perfect example of ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ This argument on its own is fun but since it appears like you had a kinda toxic (by Britney Spears) relationship. The chicken topic just happened to be the catalyst that began to spark up the preexisting issues.

You didn’t trust him, he had ego issues, you both wanted something different out of the relationship. That’s why you broke up! And I’m glad you did, it seems like this was not the kind of relationship you want or need.

I gotta tell you, the idea that you broke up over chicken is kind of a good party story. As for the whole chicken flats against chicken wings, is there not room in our hearts for both?? I know there’s definitely room in my stomach for both!