Millennials Are Skipping The Bars!

It makes sense!

June 20, 2018

So what are millenials doing these days? Well they're staying home and drinking on the couch!

28% of individuals between 24-31 drink at home according to a survey by Mintel Press

Mintel says that the reason behind it is because millenials think it takes too much effort to drink away from home. Only 15% of those age 54-72 agree that it takes too much effort to drink away from home.  

Interestingly 38% of in-home drinkers drink at home to have more control over how much alcohol they drink.

Why might millenials be staying home? Well, bars are expensive! And if you're working a demanding job, or a couple part-time just might not want to dress up and go out! And unless it's a happy hour or a good drink deal...count me out! If I want to spend $12, it's on something a bit more cooler then a restauraunt's standard cocktail!

Any thoughts on this?