Is Clare Crawley Being Replaced As The Bachelorette?

Rumors are swirling there is a new Bachelorette in quarantine

August 7, 2020
Clare Crawley

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What a crazy weekend for Bachelor Nation. Rumors are swirling that Clare Crawley is out as The Bachelorette... and a new BM favorite is in.

Before we get into that, let's discuss the rumors regarding Claire. On Friday, reports circulated that Claire threatened to quit the show after falling in love with one of the contestants - Dale Moss - after 12 days of filming. Moss is a 31-year-old former NFL player, and received Crawley's first impression rose. The first impression rose, for former Bachelorette's, has been very telling. Four of the past five Bachelorettes have ended up with the men who received their first impression roses. His Instagram (though private) reads that he is a "NFL Athlete turned Model & Host @SpecialOlympics Global Ambassador." Rumor number two, is that Crawley has been difficult to work with.

Although none of those rumors have been confirmed, one major clue that Claire is out and someone else is in is that production reached out to contestants who had previously been eliminated (by Crawley) to come back. Production has also reached out to men who were cast but never made it to night one, Reality Steve has confirmed. All of which have declined.

So... who *might* be stepping in as The Bachelorette? Fan-favorite, Tayshia Adams.

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Here's why fans think Tayshia will be the new leading lady. During an Instagram live with Reality Steve, Demi Burnett suggested her good friend was being quarantined in order to move forward with production. Demi said she hasn't been "in the loop" with what was happening, but admitted while trying to text Tayshia, none of her messages went through. The reality show blogger asked if the messages on her iPhone had been turning green, Demi said they had, suggesting Tayshia's phone might have been taken away and turned off for an extended period of time.

The tea is hot! We can't wait to see how this one plays out.