How To Stay Fit In Quarantine

Need to get movin'? I got you!

March 25, 2020

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If you're anything like me, you can only sit on the couch for so long... and by so long... that means about four hours. So what have I been doing to stay active while also trying to stay inside? A lot of YouTube and free app workouts. 

My absoulte FAVORITE is a YouTuber named "Madfit." This YouTube channel has everything from warm ups and cool downs, full body workouts, stretches, cardio, and my personal favorite, song workouts. Madfit works out to a lot of Q104 songs! Some of my favorite song work outs are "Blinding Lights," "Yummy," and "Physical." Check them out below!

If YouTube channels aren't your thing... check out these free workout apps!

  • Gold’s AMP – Usually only available free to Gold’s Gym members, and $10 a month for non-members, it’s currently free to everyone though May 31st. It offers over 600 cardio and strength workouts.
  • Nike Training Club – App let’s you filter out exactly what type of workout you want, based on different criteria, including what muscle groups you want to work, what type of equipment you have or the time you have to spend. There are even celebrity workouts.
  • 7 Minute Workout – Offers quick workouts without the need for equipment, and you can even compete with friends.
  • FitOn – Offers classes from celebrity trainers, as well as some special guests including Gabrielle Union and Jonathan Van Ness.
  • Peloton – You don’t need a bike to workout with their app, which offers a variety of workouts including running, strength, cycling, yoga and even meditation. It isn’t free, but there is a 90-day free trial being offered right now.
  • Yoga For Beginners – A great app if you want to try yoga for the first time. It offers videos that take you through the poses and breath work.