Brace Yourself! Justin Timberlake Doesn't Sing The 'Cry Me's' At The 'End Of Cry Me A River'


April 6, 2020
Justin Timberlake

Getty Images Christopher Polk / Staff

Ready to have your day ruined? Justin Timberlake doesn't sing the "cry me's" at the end of Cry Me A River.

Shocking. We know.

One of the most iconic pop songs of all time is a FRAUD! There's one part of the song that everyone sings at the top of their lungs as JT cries over Britney Spears cheating on him. You can hear the pain in his voice when he sings ""cry me, cry meeeeee!"


The real voice behind the pain is Marsha Ambrosius. For those who don't know, Marsha was an original member of the R&B group Floetry before the she decided to go solo. You might remember some of her songs, "Hope She Cheats On You with a Basketball Player" and "Far Away." 

Turns out Marsha let the world know back in 2016.

And in case you REALLY don't believe us, take a listen to her SINGING the adlibs with the song.

Now it's our turn.





To cry.