'Peloton Girl' Rescued In New Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds wins the internet

December 9, 2019
Peloton Pictures

Getty Images By: Scott Heins


If you haven't seen the Peloton commerical that everyone is up in arms about, you should get out from under the rock.

But if you have seen the Peloton commerical, where the lead actress seems obsessed with the bike and her weight-loss journey, there's good news! She's not sad and obsessed with her bike anymore! In fact, she's drinking at the bar!

Aviation Gin, the liquor brand owned by the actor Ryan Reynolds, released their first commerical this weekend via Twitter and it. is. greatness.

In the Aviation Gin commercial posted to Reynolds’s Twitter account, the actress sits at a bar with two friends and their martini glasses. The friends console the actress, who offers a toast — “To new beginnings” — and throws back her entire cocktail in one go.

The other friend says, “You’re safe here,” a clear reference to the fact that the wife she’d played in the Peloton ad looked, to many, as if she were being forced by her husband to work out every day.

Reynolds captioned the tweet, “Exercise bike not included #AviationGin.”