P!nk Lets 12 Year Old Girl Sing "Perfect" At Her Concert

And it was AMAZING

May 15, 2018

SIPA Images


Cue the tears!

Victoria Anthony is a 12 year old P!nk diehard, and not to mention, a pretty incredible singer. Weeks before Victoria went to P!nk's concert in Vancouver, she launched a social media campaign to get the singer to notice her, and let her sing at the concert. #VicAndPink was created and took the internet by storm.

The night of the concert, P!nk approached Victoria in the crowd and asked her,  "Are you who I read about on the news? Are you the singer? Do you want to come sing something?" Watch what happens next.

P!nk watched Victoria in awe, and even confessed afterwards,  "Wow. I don't want to sing anymore."

Shout out to P!nk for making this girls dreams come true!