Why Does Bachelor Nation Hate Peter's Mom?

The season finale last night was SCOLDING TEA

March 11, 2020

Getty Images Frazer Harrison / Staff

The tea is HOT!

We've been told this is the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet, but no one *truly* saw this ending coming. A proposal, a broken off engagement, a reconciliation, and the lastest plot twist, MAJOR family drama.

It's safe to say no one thought the villian of the season would be Peter's mom, Barb, but in all her eye rolling glory, that is exactly what she became during the two-hour finale on Tuesday. 

Pete confesses that he loves Madison, but his family is so far from being on board they might just drown in the ocean. They see "fundamental differences" between Madi and Peter, and Barb (who was still rolling her eyes, by the way) refuses to be happy for her son.

Peter’s mom started dissing Madison, questioning Madison’s feelings and saying she didn’t feel the “connection.” For what seems like the first time, the “Bachelor’s” frontrunner and mom basically declared war on each on national television, bickering about her future with Peter, which Barb was doubting BIG TIME as if “everyone” could see “it’s not going to work.”

When asked how they all could move forward, Barb said “he’s going to have to fail to succeed.” 

Thanksgiving at the Weber's will be a blast, I'm sure.