Triple Your Closet Space With This Tik Tok Hack

All you need is some pop tabs.

August 20, 2020
Closet Space

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Is your husband complaining that your clothes take up too much closet space? HAVE NO FEAR! Tik Tok is here to save our lives, like it has all of 2020.

The Tik Tok video was posted by Cosmopolitan UK, and it shows how pop tabs can literally triple your closet space. Take one of your hangers and slip the tab over the top of the hanger and slide it down. Then, hang another hanger onto the metal loop on the tab. Cosmo recommends you do this twice on one hanger, you'll just have to start pounding some Diet Coke.

There’s a super easy way to multiply your wardrobe hanging space and all you need is a few empty cans --#hacks #lifehack #fashionhack

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One thing to keep in mind, the order of hanging your garments. You will want maxi dresses, and longer garments on the top hanger so they don't bunch up on the floor. No one likes wrinkles!