Cleveland Police Department Wins The Internet With Savage Winter Tweet

November 27, 2018

Winter in Cleveland... also referred to as a commuter's nightmare.

As if waking up early to scrape the ice off your windows wasn't bad enough, it's time hop on the highway. YIKES.

One winter, my 20 minute drive from a close suburb into Downtown took me nearly five hours. FIVE. HOURS. By the time I got into the office, it was almost time to turn around and go back home.

Since the first big snow fall of the season took place yesterday, the Cleveland Police Department took to Twitter to share their hilarious opinion on driving in Northeast Ohio.

Honestly, I am still LOLing. In the 20 hours or so since it has been posted, the savage tweet has more than 7,000 retweets and well over 22,000 favorites. That certainly says something about Clevelanders!

Some of the best reactions included...

A nod to Baker Mayfield:

A note to a councilman requesting a raise for the person behind the account:

An actual response from a NASA worker who once lived in Cleveland:

A reference to Cleveland's homeboy Drew Carey:

Keep on doing you, CPD!

For winter driving safety tips minus the sass, click here.