Steelers May Not Let Myles Garrett Jerseys Into Heinz Field

No “Pittsburgh Started It” or “Free Garrett" shirts

November 27, 2019

If you needed another reason to hate the Steelers.... the latest development in Helmetgate 2019 is that fans may not be allowed to support Garrett and the Browns at Heinz Field this weekend.

According to Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, “I had a Heinz Field employee tell me… that he doesn’t think he’s going to let Myles Garrett jerseys into the stadium, [and] that there’s already been a conversation among some of the security staff and people at the gates at the stadium who are on watch for anything that they think is going to create a disturbance inside the stadium."

He continued, “... Believe it or not, I guess a jersey with a guy’s last name on it is enough to get you either booted or prohibited from the stadium.”

Not only is there a rumor about wearing Garrett jerseys, any shirt that references Helmetgate may get you turned away. This includes "Free Myles" or "Pittsburgh Started It" shirts. The logic behind this ban is to ensure Heinz Field won't become a chaotic scene on Sunday, but some think banning apparel will only heighten the chaos.

Any Browns fans making the trip to Pittsburgh this weekend? Would you wear something to support Myles?