What To Expect Out Of Imagine Dragons' 'Evolve' Tour

Going to Blossom Sunday? Here's what the setlist will look like!

June 12, 2018

If you are heading out to see Imagine Dragons on Sunday night at Blossom, here's what you should expect out of the show!

According to NJ.com, a recent Imagine Dragons show lasted just over two hours, but there was rarely a dull moment.

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Imagine Dragons' set list (from June 9th at  PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, N.J.) looked like this!

  1. "Radioactive"
  2. "It's Time"
  3. "Whatever It Takes"
  4. "Shots"
  5. "Yesterday"
  6. "Walking the Wire"
  7. "Next to Me"
  8. "I'll Make It Up to You"
  9. "Start Over"
  10. "Thief"
  11. "Gold"
  12. "I Don't Know Why"
  13. "Mouth of the River"
  14. "Amsterdam" (acoustic)
  15. "Bleeding Out" (acoustic)
  16. "I Bet My Life" (acoustic)
  17. "Demons"
  18. "The River"
  19. "Thunder"
  20. "On Top of the World"
  21. "Believer"

It's worth it to note that the acoustic songs were played in the crowd at the amphiteather.

So no worries if you've got a seat further back from the stage, because lead singer Dan Reynolds and part of the band will come out to break it down and slow it down close to the end of the show.

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What about the aesthetic? Well, a recent column about Imagine Dragons show in Syracuse, NY this week sums it up nicely.

"Every vertical space on the multi-tiered set was a screen, from which projected neon scenes of digital animation, flowing computer code on cracked monitors, and live footage of the audience ... An almost comical number of roadies passed silently across the stage moving instruments and switching out guitars sometimes twice per number."

On top of that, the floor on the stage will glow. There will be lots of smoke and confetti throughout the concert.

And don't forget about the giant balloons above you that will probably come down from nets by the end of the show.

If you're going out to the show, have a good time, and feel the THUNDER for us!