23% of Netflix Subscribers Will Leave Netflix If They Begin Showing Promos During Shows

Well, what did they expect?

September 17, 2018

What's one reason why people subscribe to Netflix?

Well it's because most are on the go, but also, many of us just want to jump into our shows. We don't mind watching ads, but we do that on our own time.

And guess what ... apparently a lot of people agree.

23% of users said they would leave Netflix if the service included these 'promos', while only 41% said they woul definitely or probably keep Netflix even if they impose promos.

Yikes! So what does that mean? Don't force people to watch the promos for their original content, but definitely keep us updated when our favorite shows get new seasons for our binging pleasure! 

We don't know the exact demographics, but it appears that 81% of people between 19 and 31 own a Netflix account