The house on W. 11th St. in Cleveland, Ohio, that was used in the filming of "A Christmas Story" on November 15, 2006, has been refurbished and open to the public along with a museum dedicated to the movie.

The "A Christmas Story" House Is Expanding

The iconic home is getting an expansion, and could be open this fall.
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Khloe Kardashian Is Not Happy With Tristan Thompson

We all know about Khloe's current drama, and that might be part of the problem.
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mayo and ketchup

Mayochup Is Now Really A Thing

Do you like ketchup and mayo? Well you're not alone!
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Beer keg

First Money, Now There Is Beer On A Highway

First money on the highway, and now this?
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Cleveland skyline

Ohio Cities Named "Best Places To Live"

Ohio really is a great place to live.
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Tristan Thompson

VIDEO: Tristan Thompson Has Been Caught Cheating

Tristan might be a little hot water for this.
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Is Khloe Kardashian Giving Birth In Cleveland?

Is she nesting in Cleveland? Rumors say she is!
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Cleveland Rained Money Yesterday On I-71

It was raining money in Cleveland! Seriously.
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Cleveland City Kennel Lowers Prices As Kennel Fills Up

Looking to adopt? Now is the time!
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Gotta Know - Panera for the Pieces of Hope

All the information you need is here!
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