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John Mayer singing

John Mayer Mocks Celebrities Singing "Imagine"

If you were wondering why John Mayer didn't make the cut, he said he was asked, but he completely misunderstood the assignment.
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Netflixs Tiger King

Netflix's "Tiger King" is Must-Cringe TV

On the surface, Tiger King a seven part series on tiger owners and the people that work for them and the unique lives they lead. After watching the first episode, you realize you're watching the trainwreck you never knew you needed to watch.
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ladies and gentlemen salon and spa with The Jeremiah Show

Gotta Know: Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa

Ladies and Gentlemen Salon & Spa will be providing hair and makeup tips at Q104 Bridal Fair® on Sunday at Landerhaven
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Q104 The Best of The Jeremiah Show 2019

The Top Moments Of The Jeremiah Show 2019

We are counting down the top moments from 2019 on The Jeremiah Show! Jeremiah, Jack, and Morgan will reveal the top moments from the show in the past year leading up the New Year's Eve. Here's what they've revealed so far! Click the links to re-live the moments! 21. A Listener Holds A T-Rex Wedding...
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Freddie Kitchens

Freddie Kitchens Wears 'Pittsburgh Started It' Shirt: Then Loses to Steelers

It "doesn't cause us to give up 40 yards passes."
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Hulu Live Raises Prices For Second Time This Year

Prices are going up 22%
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Matt Fish From Melt Tells Us How To Be A Hunger Hero This Weekend In Lakewood

Over 40 local restaurants and retailers have pledged 10% of their food sales to help end hunger in Lakewood.
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O.J. Simpson Weighs In On Myles Garrett Fight

Is this awkward for anybody else?
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Myles Garrett Ejected From Game After Brawl

This is ugly.
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