Salvation Army Pick Up and Dropoff Locations Temporarily Closed

Salvation Army Pickup & Dropoff Locations Temporarily Closed

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, The Salvation Army’s pickup service and Family Thrift Stores, located at 5005 Euclid Ave Cleveland OH 44103, have made the decision to temporarily close for the safety of the workers & shoppers.
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Time To Kill: At Home Activities For When You've Got Time!

What on earth are you going to do with all of that free time? Here's a list of stuff you don't ever want to do but probably should because you have the time!
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Cute little puppies on shelf with books on light background

What Breed Of Puppy Is Perfect For You?

To celebrate World Puppy Day, we are going to let you know which breed of puppy is perfect for you.
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window project

Today's Fun At Home Activity: March 19th

I've come up with another fun activity for you! And the kids of course. You just need two things!
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Tips For Homeschooling During Quarantine

f you are like a lot of us and just really struggling, these helpful tips should alleviate some of your stress.
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Indoor Tent

Today's Fun At Home Activity: March 17th

As a mom, I have always been amazed at how much more appealing regular activities were for my kids when they could do them in a tent. So for today's activity, let's build some!!
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Coronavirus Grocery List: 11 Foods to Stock Up On for a Quarantine

This is a guide to different food items that you may want to keep in stock that will offer you nutrients and variety in your diet during a period of self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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Woman using laptop in the office

Best Tips on How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

If you are lucky enough to have the ability to work from home or remotely, here are some tips to help manage your day-to-day routines.
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Cute emoticon wearing medical mask - emoji - vector illustration

Here Are The Top Emojis People Are Using About COVID-19

Emojipedia looked at 50,000 tweets that included at least one of 12 emojis people use when they're sick. Then they ranked them to find the top emojis we associate with the coronavirus.
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Tiny Couch For Dogs

Aldi Selling Tiny Couches For Dogs

The purchace dog owners have been waiting for!
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