SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MARCH 10: Medical staff, wearing protective gear, take samples from people at a building where 46 people were confirmed to have the coronavirus (COVID-19), at a temporary test facility on March 10, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. Accordin

How To Survive The Coronavirus: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is everything that you should be taking action on, from sanitary precautions, to lifestyle changes, that will keep you prepared for any further spread of the virus.
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Pi Day

Pi Day Deals on Pizza, Pie and More In 2020

March 14 is National Pi Day, so get ready to honor the mathematical constant π and one of the world’s greatest minds, Albert Einstein. This global event promises ample opportunity to nerd out. Whether you plan to watch Life of Pi or feast on actual pie—it’s Einstein’s birthday, after all—there are...
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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato On Ellen Opens Up About Everything

Demi Lovato appeared on Ellen and talked about all the tough stuff, as well as her new found happiness.
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Kids in car

Cute Kid Nails Dance Monkey Cover

My kids have always been the type to sing along in the car. But this little kid absolutely nailed this song, and it is not an easy song to nail!!!
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6 Authentic Irish Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is about more than green beer and parades. It’s also an opportunity to explore authentic Irish foods like boxty, colcannon, Irish stew, and porter cake. Get recipes for your favorite Irish foods.
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Mia, Amanda Casey

Psychic Connection Between Mother and Daughter Proven

We all feel a special type of connection with our children. But, I never knew just how strong mine was, until last weekend.
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Daylight Savings Time

Ohio Senate Pushing To Keep Daylight Savings Time Year Round

Ditch the switch?
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Dog Bed

Science Says "Yes" Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed

According to 2015 research from the Mayo Clinic, co-sleeping with your dog may actually improve your sleep quality!
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Pete Buttigieg

Young Boy Asks Pete Buttigieg Advice On Coming Out

A young boy allowed to ask one question of candidate Pete Buttigieg, asked about coming out. And the interaction had me in tears.
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Leap Year

The Best Leap Year Deals and Freebies

This February marks a leap year—an occasion so special it only happens every four years. To celebrate, companies are offering unique sales of their own.
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