Selection of girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Here, Including The New 'Lemon-Ups' Cookie

In addition to everyone’s favorites like Thin Mints, Tag-Alongs, and Samoas, a new cookie is entering the mix this year.
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A Dog Poop Robot Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

This robot works like a Roomba but it picks up poop from your yard!!!
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This Commercial Made Me Cry, In A Good Way

I love holiday commercials that make you feel something. After watching this video, I am definitely in tears.
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DWayne Johnson

The Rock Sings Moana Song for 3 Year Old Cancer Patient

I am literally crying at the sweetness of this video. Just the entire thing. You must watch.
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Ellen's Surprise Proposal Made Me Cry

So much wisdom from Ellen as she surprises this beautiful couple.
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It's Men Make Dinner Day: Easy Recipes For Men To Make

Okay men, tonight is your night to shine in the kitchen!! It's Men Make Dinner Day and I have some fool-proof recipes for you to make sure you don't screw it up!
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It's Nacho Day! Here's Guy Fieri's Trash Can Nacho Recipe

Today is National Nacho Day! And what's better than making nachos in a garbage can? No, seriously. Guy Fieri will show you how!
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Cat Scores Touchdown At Giants Game

So, the New York Giants hosted the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend and while the game didn't go so well for the Giants, it certainly was entertaining because of THIS cat!
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No Shave November Is Here: What It's Really All About

No Shave November is a great excuse for many men to give up on grooming for an entire month. But, how did this start and what is it really all about??
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Confession: I Stole From The Grocery Store

So there they were. Just sitting on the shelf, orange glistening in the sunlight. I knew if I asked my mom, she would say no. My next thought, just take them!
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