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Justin Bieber Says New Album "Coming Soon"

His performance with Ariana Grande has a lot of fans excited.
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Adele Has Separated From Her Husband, Simon Konecki

It looks like more heartbreak songs are on the way.
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Kelly Clarkson Covers Lady Gaga

Kelly Clarkson made a stop in Green Bay and chose to perform this Gaga Cover for her "Minute and a Glass of Wine" show!
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Weezer covers TLC's No Scrubs

Weezer has covered many, many songs. Most recently they had tremendous success with a cover of Toto's Africa. Now, they're covering 90's fav, No Scrubs!
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Cardi B Is Heading To Las Vegas

Who you gonna call? Cardi. Cardi.
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Rihanna Has Filed A $75 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Her Father

Pop star Rihanna has filed a $75 million lawsuit against her father, Ronald Fenty, for exploitation of her name in his own business purposes without her permission according to TMZ.
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Ariana Grande Got A Huge Pokemon Tattoo

Guess someone is a BIG fan of Pokemon.
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Maroon 5 Fantasy Setlist For Superbowl Halftime Show

This setlist would make an excellent halftime show!
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Avril Lavigne Releases New Music, 'Head Above Water,' About Her Battle With Lyme Disease

For the first time in years, Avril Lavigne has released new music! The song is called 'Head Above Water.'
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Maroon 5

Maroon 5 could be your next Super Bowl performers!

Maroon 5 could be your next Super Bowl headliner!
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