34-Year-Old Man Dies From Coronavirus After Visiting Disney World

A 34-year-old California man has passed away due to the coronavirus. Jeffrey Ghazarian, from Glendora, CA, had tested positive for the virus just days ago and two weeks after visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida.
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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MARCH 10: Medical staff, wearing protective gear, take samples from people at a building where 46 people were confirmed to have the coronavirus (COVID-19), at a temporary test facility on March 10, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. Accordin

How To Survive The Coronavirus: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is everything that you should be taking action on, from sanitary precautions, to lifestyle changes, that will keep you prepared for any further spread of the virus.
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Coronavirus in Cuyahoga County

3 people have tested positive for virus
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Kobe Bryant

eBay Pulls Kobe Bryant Memorial Merchandise

People started auctioning off items from Kobe Bryant’s memorial service.
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Hot Pockets Heiress Faces 21 Months in Prison for College Admissions Scandal

Michelle Janavs, the ‘Hot Pockets Heiress’ whose father is responsible for the frozen snack, is being sentenced on Tuesday, February 25, in Boston federal court for her alleged involvement in the sweeping college admissions scandal. Read more.
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Cedar Point

LISTEN: How To Win Cedar Point's 'Ticket of a Lifetime'

Cedar Point 'Ticket of a Lifetime'
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Gianna and Kobe

Kobe & Gianna Bryant's "Celebration Of Life" Happens Today

We have the details on how to watch the event
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Passengers Throw In-Flight Baby Shower for Couple Flying Home with Adopted Newborn

Dustin and Caren Moore were in for a surprise when they brought their new daughter home for the first time – and it wasn’t just in-flight refreshments. See the details.
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Man Asks for $750,000 in Donations for High School Reunion

One man felt that in order to sufficiently plan and throw his ten-year reunion, he needed donations amounting to $750,000. See the outraged reactions here.
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Researchers Detect Mysterious 'Radio Bursts' in Space That Repeat Every 16 Days

A mysterious radio signal that occurs at fixed intervals has been detected in outer space. Researchers discovered a series of "fast radio bursts," brief pulses of radio waves, that occurred in a fixed pattern every 16.35 days, reports CNN . During each interval, the burst would be detected about...
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