Jack Freeman

The Jeremiah Show, M-F 5:30 am - 10 am

If Jack had one goal in life, it would be to make you laugh. Co-workers, friends, and even his own mother all agree that it’s pretty much all he’s good for.

If he had a second wish, it would be for a house full of dogs. Jack comes to us from Detroit (nowhere near 8 Mile). He has a beard which he takes pride in, however it does get in the way whilst enjoying meals and beverages. With that being said, he can’t wait to check out all the grub and drink spots Cleveland has to offer (where the pork at??). His girlfriend, whom he calls M’Lady, describes him as a “loveable idiot.” His ex’s describe him as *FCC censor**.

Oh, and he’s also totoally uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

You can laugh with him weekday mornings on The Jeremiah Show from 5:30-10am.

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