Reese's delivers trick-or-treating with robotic Halloween door that dispenses candy bars

Reese’s is here to save Halloween by bringing safe trick-or-treating right to your doorstep. The brand announced a robotic, remote-controlled door that will hand out candy. Read more now.
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Chipotle adds tortilla fee for customers ordering bowls

Chipotle customers used to utilize a little trick to score a cheaper burrito by ordering a bowl and asking for a free tortilla on the side. Unfortunately, Chipotle has caught on to this little chicanery and have added a tortilla fee!
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You can now get face masks that smell like fried chicken or bacon

Hormel Foods and Jack in the Box have unveiled face masks that’ll make your mouth water because they smell like some of your favorite foods: fried chicken and bacon. Find out how you can snag these aromatic masks now.
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Chipotle’s Boorito promotion goes digital amid pandemic

Even though Halloween will look different amid the pandemic, Chipotle fans will still have a chance to enjoy the chain’s beloved spooky season promotion. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Richard Gere called Martha Stewart asking for a cake she baked on TV

As baked on TV! Martha Stewart’s delicious cake went from the TV right to Richard Gere’s kitchen. After seeing her make the delicious concoction on the ‘TODAY’ show, Gere wanted a slice of his own. Read on.
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Dunkin' introduces new spicy ghost pepper donut

Are your tastebuds ready to explode for Dunkin’s latest creation? The chain has added a new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut to the menu. Find out more and see if you can handle the heat!
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Sokolowski's Maybe Closing, But You Can Still Get Their Iconic Recipes To Cook At Home

7 Sokolowski Cleveland recipes to make at home
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Man accused of putting razor blades in supermarket's pizza dough, recall issued

A man from Maine was arrested over the weekend after authorities say he put razor blades into several packages of pizza dough that was then sold to customers.
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Chick-fil-A has most popular but slowest drive-thru service, study finds

Chick-fil-A was ranked the slowest drive-thru with an average wait time of eight minutes. KFC took the number one spot in speed with an average wait time of just 4.7 minutes according to the study.
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Iconic Cleveland Staple Sokolowski's Is Up For Sale And Will Close

The family has issued a statement
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