Researchers Say This Restaurant Is the ‘Safest Place’ to Eat Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Panda Express, the popular restaurant American Chinese chain, has been chosen by a recent survey as the safest in the food industry in the United States.
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McDonald's Explains Why a Viral 24-Year-Old Burger Didn't Decompose

A recent, viral TikTok showed how a 24-year-old McDonald’s meal still looked good as new, even through its aging. Now, McDonald’s is explaining why the burger and fries didn’t decompose as one might expect.
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9 Reusable Starbucks Tumblers That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Only one thing brings customers more joy than the season menu at Starbucks: the rotating and unique collection of reusable tumblers and mugs. See some of our favorites now!
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11 Items You Won’t Believe Were Once on the McDonald's Menu

McDonald’s is known for its Big Mac, McChicken, and Quarter Pounder, but did you know that there was a time the chain sold things other than burgers? You might be surprised to know that these items were once on the menu! Find out now.
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Burger King Unveils New Store Design for a COVID-19 World

The coronavirus era is changing the way we order food, and Burger King has launched a brand-new design to show customers what they can anticipate the restaurant will look like in a COVID-19 world.
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Pillsbury Launches 'Mean Girls' Toaster Strudel With Pink Icing That's 'So Fetch'

Pillsbury is introducing Toaster Strudel that’s ‘so fetch.’ The brand released a ‘Mean Girls’-themed pastry inspired by one of the most iconic lines from the 2004 film. Read more now.
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Food Truck

Crocker Park Announces Sixth Annual Food Truck Challenge

Saturday, October 3rd!
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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Launching Fall Candle Collection

It includes six four-ounce candles.
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Survey Reveals Ten States That Love Barbecue the Most, but Texas Isn't on the List

The website Zippia set out to determine what states love barbecue the most. With Labor Day upon us, chances are high that you’ll be doing some grilling this weekend, but the results were quite surprising. Read more now.
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Reese's Snack Cakes Are Here to Make Your Mornings Sweeter

If you’re looking to shake-up your brunch routine, you’ll be happy to know that Reese’s is embracing the idea of eating candy for breakfast. The candy brand just announced Reese’s Snack Cakes to make morning’s sweeter! Read on now.
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