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Katy Perry

The Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry Battle Has Moved To American Idol

It really was only a matter of time until someone brought up Swift to Katy Perry on American Idol.
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Katy Perry Kisses Contestant

Katy Perry Kissed An American Idol Contestant

And he did not like it...
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Katy Perry Re-Meets Childhood Friend on 'Kimmel'

At first, Katy had a hard time remembering Ahnika and called her "Erica," but sixth grade was a long time ago.
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Katy Perry Explains How She Would Rewrite 'I Kissed a Girl' for 2018

"I think we've really changed, conversationally, in the past 10 years."
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Katy Perry Presents Minnie Mouse Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

After 90 years in show business, the Disney icon finally got the recognition she deserves.
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Katy Perry to Present Minnie Mouse Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

"After 90 years of serving L--KS & smiles as the polka dot queen, it's time she got that recognition ----!" Perry tweeted.
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