Here's the latest from Q104 on Cleveland's Music Festival!

Amanda's Favorite Thing From Wonderstruck Festival 2019

As we deal with another snowy weekend in Northeast Ohio, I decided to take a look back at my favorite part from last year's Wonderstruck Festival, formerly LaureLive.
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LaureLive has changed its name and venue to WonderStruck In Cleveland

Cleveland's Music Festival Changes Gears From LaureLive To WonderStruck In Cleveland

The festival will now happen at Lakeland Community College
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EXCLUSIVE: Hozier Bonds With Jack Over Ireland, Reveals His Hair Product Secrets

The Jeremiah Show was lucky enough to chat with Hozier at LaureLive on Saturday!
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Alec Benjamin On Why He Wore An Odell Beckham T-Shirt, And How He Met John Mayer

Alec Benjamin was very generous with his time on Saturday, stopping by the Q Lounge powered by Perrino Furniture at LaureLive!
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EXCLUSIVE: The Office Trivia With AJR And Fan Q&A

Jack answered some fan questions about their latest album, Neotheater. Watch the full video here.
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LaureLive 2019: Sunday

Check out photos from LaureLive 2019 on Sunday, June 9!
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LaureLive 2019: AJR in the Q Lounge

AJR stopped by the Q Lounge powered by Perrino Furniture Sunday!
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