Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett fight

Have You Seen This Myles Garrett Tree Topper?

This couple creates a custom tree topper every year for Christmas based off of somethng major that had happened that year in sports. This year, what is more major than Myles Garrett and the helmet debacle?
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Dee Haslam

Browns Owner Dee Haslam Supports Myles Garrett With #95 Hat

Reppin' #95
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NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell Says Myles Garrett Could End His Indefinite Suspension

Here's how...
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Thousands Sign Petition To Reinstate Myles Garrett

More than 45,000 have signed this petition.
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O.J. Simpson Weighs In On Myles Garrett Fight

Is this awkward for anybody else?
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Myles Garrett Ejected From Game After Brawl

This is ugly.
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Myles Garrett Says 'We're Here:' And Is Ready For The Season

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Cleveland Browns Star Myles Garrett Invites You To His ‘Game of Thrones’ Watch Party

Our two favorite things in one place.
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