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Jennifer Lopez Responds To Halftime Show Critics

She said that it was a celebration of her Latino culture.
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Shakira’s Trainer Shares Fitness Secrets That Prepped Her for the Super Bowl

As we all saw on the Super Bowl halftime show stage, those hips don’t lie! At 43 and 50 respectively, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez stunned with an energetic performance on Sunday, February 2 that showed off their ageless figures and toned bods. A meme comparing Lopez at 50 years old with 1985's 50-...
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Super Bowl Parade Featuring Police Chase!!

Around 8:15 this morning, a vehicle broke the barrier at the Parade Route for the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade.
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Jennifer Lopez and 'Golden Girls' Meme Shows How 50 Has Changed in the Last 35 Years

Jennifer Lopez is a modern-day “Golden Girl.” The pop-artist brought her A-game with a Latin-tinged, sexy Super Bowl halftime show that spanned decades of singles and career milestones. In addition to singing and dancing, Jlo even showed off some of the pole dancing moves she picked up while...
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Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

It’s impossible to choose, but you have to be ready to make those split-second decisions when it’s game time. Vote for your favorite Super Bowl 2020 commercial.
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7 Things You Missed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez dazzled during their performance at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, singing and dancing their way through their greatest hits. With surprise performances from J Balvin and Bad Bunny , Lopez bringing her 11-year old daughter onstage, and dizzying dance numbers, there...
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Jay-Z Turned Down Super Bowl Halftime Show Because NFL Wanted Guests

Sunday was a success, with Jay-Z ’s Roc Nation taking part in producing an acclaimed Super Bowl Halftime Show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wowed the crowd in Miami and around the world, with Jay’s partnership with the NFL being part of the force behind the performance. Much was made about Jay-Z...
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Fans Are Totally Weirded Out by Jason Momoa's Super Bowl Commercial

There’s nothing like a Super Bowl to get you oddly excited for commercials. Some of last night’s Super Bowl LIV commercials, however, had viewers raising eyebrows. One moment in particular that comes to mind is an unshakeable image of Jason Momoa shedding his muscles. Fans saw Momoa lounging in a...
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Planters Shocks Fans With Baby Nut Reveal During Super Bowl

As we mourned the iconic Planters snack mascot, a miracle happened. Mr. Peanut is back! Back in January, we found out that Mr. Peanut died at the age of 104, but the company’s Super Bowl advertisement brought him back to life, reported Huffington Post . The new commercial sets the scene at Mr...
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Shakira's Wagging Tongue Was the Real Super Bowl Winner

Shakira ’s wagging tongue stole the show at the Super Bowl and quickly got the meme treatment. But there’s actually a story behind the seemingly odd gesture. While Super Bowl LIV has come to a close, fans can’t help but think back on the killer halftime performances by Jennifer Lopez , Shakira, and...
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