Semi Spills 40,000 Pounds of Mac 'n Cheese on Interstate

A semi-truck tipped over on an interstate in Tennessee, spilling 40,000 pounds of dried macaroni and cheese powder across all lanes of traffic.
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Traffic Alerts

Help us by becoming a Traffic Tipster! Download Waze from your app store, press on your name for "My Waze", scroll to groups, and join the CLE Traffic Team today to help grow our traffic community. Once you join, our traffic reporter will credit you with traffic tips as they come in...
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Typical scene during rush hour. A traffic jam with rows of cars. Shallow depth of field.

Traffic Alert: The I-490 Opportunity Corridor Will Close For Two Years In May

Beginning in May, I-490 will close between East 55th Street and I-77 for two years through May 2021 as extensive work on Section 3 takes place.
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